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A GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet file-sharing programs on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other *nix systems.
20th May 2005: ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.4 RPM packages available

The MS Windows version is at 0.6.4 as well now!

20 May 2005

ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 RPMs available!

I have finally uploaded RPM packages for ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4. Sorry it took so long, I completely forgot about those. The packages have been compiled on RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 3 systems and they should work on other RPM systems as well.

You can download those ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 RPM packages here

18 March 2005

ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 'Long Time No See' released!

After much time of inactivity, ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 has been released.

Major Changes:

  • ed2k://-link handler dialog allows setting of initial priority now
  • Fixed ed2k://-link handler installation for Gnome-2.6/2.8
  • Fix outdated and non-working default serverlist URLs and point them to http://www.edonkey.com/server.met
  • Allow more precision for max. upload/download speeds, ie. use floats instead of ints (for modem users)
  • Mozilla/Firefox ed2k:// link support; just follow the instructions from the options page ('GUI 3' tab, scroll down to bottom) to make Mozilla or Firefox send ed2k:// links directly to ed2k-gtk-gui.
  • Added 'Check razorback history of file' to the search list context menu. This will give you the names a file has been known under previously and availability information and helps you to avoid fakes.
  • Orbit icon theme updates
  • Fix various minor issues

Download ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 now!

20 March 2004

ed2k-gtk-gui is the 5186th most popular debian package!

We are delighted to discover that ed2k-gtk-gui is the 5186th most popular debian package, according to statistics collected via 'popularity contest'. That is not too bad given that the package is not even available within debian itself.

Are you running debian as well? Then consider doing apt-get install popularity-contest. Popularity contest is a package that will (almost) anonymously send a list of all your installed packages to a debian-run server. That list is used to decide which programs go on which of the debian installation CDs (and which should be installed by default, etc.). See here for more details about popularity-contest and here for more statistics.

23 January 2004

ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.2 for Windows 98

There is now an extra Win98 add-on that should make ed2k-gtk-gui work even on Windows 98. Just unzip the add-on into the same directory as the main zip and you're ready to go.

See the ed2k-gtk-gui win32 page for more details.

19 January 2004

ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.2 for MS Windows

There is an ed2k-gtk-gui port for MS Windows now, which lets you remote control a core from an MS Windows desktop! Brought to you by 'Hazeman'.

See the ed2k-gtk-gui win32 page for more details.

17 January 2004

ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.2 released

This is a bug-fix release. A couple of annoying things have been fixed, like the problem with themes that have a radiant background in the toolbar (would look very ugly due to artifacts around various labels and buttons).

Have a look at the ChangeLog for more details.

Now enjoy!

13 November 2003

ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.1 released

This GUI version should work fine with core version 51.2.

Not much has changed for the user, but quite a lot has been changed under the hub. This time we also have RPMs and debian packages that are compiled with systray support.

Known issue: GUI freezes sometimes after selecting 'shutdown core', and sometimes just does nothing after selecting 'shutdown core' (you'll need to select 'disconnect from core' then).

Now enjoy!

11 November 2003

new core version 51.2

Core version 51.2 of the eDonkey and Overnet core has been released and appears to be working fine as well.

However, the command line arguments you need to pass to the core in order to make it listen to a GUI have changed. Up until now, you needed to pass '-' to make the core listen for a GUI, and you needed to pass '!' to make the core not take input from the command line. From core v51.2 onwards, the command line arguments you'll need to pass are '-g' to make it listen to a GUI, and '-l' (=loop) to make it not take input from the command line.

The v0.6.0 GUI is not able to detect a running v51.2 core yet, nor is it able to spawn a v51.2 core yet. However, if you use a local IP (e.g. instead of 'localhost' as hostname in the GUI's connect dialog, then v0.6.0 will work just fine (you will need to start the v51.2 core manually with the new arguments though).

This is being fixed in CVS. Expect a v0.6.1 GUI release soon that fixes those problems.

In short: Either keep using core v50.1 with ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.0 until v0.6.1 comes out, or start the core manually and use a local IP as 'hostname' until then.

18 March 2003

new core version 46 (broken!)

Jed put out a new version 46 of the eDonkey and Overnet core. Unfortunately, v46 does not fix the "uploads are not shown in GUI" problem, and introduces a new problem: it does not communicate the x.part filenames to the GUI any more (meaning: preview function will not work) :(

I hope this gets fixed soon :-/

For the time being, I still recommend v44 of the core.

You should also know that v46 introduces a new temp file management scheme, where instead of one x.part file multiple x.y.part files are used for each download. v46 will be backward-compatible and import your old downloads, but new downloads will be started using the new system (in other words: you can't go back to previous versions once you start new downloads in v46).

31 January 2003

ed2k-gtk-gui version 0.5.0 released!

Finally, it's there. Go and get it now! Check out the release notes for more info.

I feel like I've finished a big exam. Must release more often in the future ;)

Now go and enjoy! (and don't even think about reporting any bugs before next week)

29 January 2003

New eDonkey2000 and Overnet core versions available!

Yes, boys and girls, that's right! Go and get them now!

Also, I am in the process of fixing a final couple of bugs, so hopefully GUI version 0.5.0 will ship today.

15 January 2003
A small update on things in general:

overnet support
Overnet support will come and is being worked on. The problem is currently with the overnet core, so that I need to check what needs to be done and fixed before the core can be used with the GUI. The GUI version in CVS already has some limited support for overnet, and it should work a lot better with the next overnet core version to come out (ie. the one after 0.42).

Currently the GUI only really works if compiled with GTK-1.2 (GTK is the widget toolkit that draws all the windows, buttons, takes care of events, etc.). GTK-1.2 is based on glib-1.2. The GUI uses the gnet library for all its networking stuff. The problem is that often gnet packages are build so that the gnet library is linked against glib-2.0 (ie. debian sid for instance). This is a problem of course, and will lead to segfaults when starting the GUI.
In any case, we are working on making the GUI compile and work with GTK2 as well. Not only because of the gnet/glib problem, but also because gtk2 just looks a lot better (anti-aliased fonts etc.) So bear with us here, it's only a matter of time... :-)

Next release
There will be a next release soon. It should have been out in December really, but with the holidays and a lot of work to do, I didn't get around to it. Also, there is an annoying visual bug which needs fixing first.

21 November 2002
ed2k-gtk-gui version 0.4.0 has been released today as tarball, debian package and RPM package. Enjoy!

    Major changes:
  • previewing of downloads and completed files
  • completed files are kept in download list until cleared
  • support for fetching server.met files via http
  • additional search options (bitrate, min size, max size, availability)
  • much easier set-up of local core (name/password can now be set up via GUI)
  • French translation available now
  • German translation available now
  • Dutch translation available now
  • Documentation available now
  • import servers for a file from http://jigle.com
  • many bugfixes

15 November 2002
Ahem. Sorry for the delay. Expect the new version (0.4.0) on Tuesday (Nov 19), including debian and RPM package.

05 November 2002
Since the release of v0.3.0 I and many others have added loads of new features and fixed quite a number of bugs. Also, the next release will make setting up the core child's play even for unexperienced users. Expect the new release within the next week or so. There will even be a debian package.

05 October 2002
I've revamped the website. Hope you like it.

04 October 2002
Version 0.3.0 of the GUI has been released as source tarball. Read the INSTALL file on how to compile and install the GUI. You will need the gnet library if you don't have it yet.

03 September 2002
The GUI is going open source.
Given certain recent developments, the reasons I had for keeping the GUI closed source are no longer applicable, so I have decided to make available the GUI's source code. I will need a couple of days to sort out the source tree, then it will be available from sourceforge via CVS. And once I've figured out how the release system works, you'll find tar-balls and binaries there as well.

In the future, the GUI will be available from

If you want to be informed about new releases of the GUI, please subscribe to the newly-created ed2k-gtk-gui-announce mailing list or simply monitor the package if you have a sourceforge account.
There is also a ed2k-gtk-gui-users and a ed2k-gtk-gui-devel mailing list.

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