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A GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet file-sharing programs on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other *nix systems.
20th May 2005: ed2k-gtk-gui v0.6.4 RPM packages available

The MS Windows version is at 0.6.4 as well now!

How to become an ed2k-gtk-gui developer or contributor

Everyone is welcome to contribute to ed2k-gtk-gui.

The best way to go about this is probably by subscribing to the ed2k-gtk-gui-devel mailing list, and by checking out the latest GUI version from CVS (and 'cvs update'-ing regularly). The -devel mailing list is absolutely open, so feel free to post any questions or ideas you have there. Alternatively, you may also post ideas in the 'Open Discussion' forum (but the mailing list is definitively a better choice, as that is where contributors and developers hang out and what they read regularly).

Translate the GUI and/or the documentation into a new language

Translating the GUI into a new language is easy. You don't need to be a programmer to do it. You just need to know how to use a text editor or 'kbabel' or 'gtranslator' :)

Check out this document to get started. Please announce your intention to do a new translation on the ed2k-gtk-gui-devel mailing list, just to make sure that other people aren't working at it in well.

If you want to translate the documentation, please use the .sgml file from CVS which you can find here. You can use the 'sgml2html index.sgml' command to convert this .sgml file into html pages.

Make a new icon theme, or improve an existing icon theme

New icon themes or improvements to existing ones are also always welcome. Just copy an existing theme to a new dir and replace the icons with new icons....

Hunt down bugs

Find a bug that annoys you or that is filed as bug report and try to find out where/what the problem is. Maybe even try to fix it if you can :)

Add new features or enhance or review existing code

As it says. New features, patches, enhancements of existing code etc. are always welcome. If you find code that could be improved upon, please feel free to comment on that as well. However, please bear in mind that there might be new features that are not necessarily be thought of as a good idea for the GUI, so it is always good to get some feedback on your plans from the -devel mailing list before implementing stuff. Adding new dependencies would be something that we would be very reluctant to do unless there is a really compelling reason for doing so, for instance.

Other stuff

I'm sure there's more to do and I just forgot about it. Just subscribe to the -devel list and write up your ideas :)

last updated: 21 March 2003 - project summary

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